We offer a number of admission options to Seven Stars


Deposit path – In this path, the resident deposits a sum which corresponds with the accommodations chosen. The company will deduct from this sum a certain percentage that serves as a component of an annual depreciation. Monthly service charges are modified specifically for the chosen type of accommodation which includes a wide variety of amenities and services.


A deposit is reduced in cases in which the resident requests to decrease the deposit sum for the chosen accommodation; it is possible to devise a customized program in which in exchange for a reduced deposit, monthly service charge or depreciation will be modified. Monthly service charges include a wide variety of amenities and services.


Monthly rental path – A resident who is not interested in depositing a sum with the company, may prefer the option of the monthly rental path. With this path, in addition to the monthly payments, each resident will deposit a tenancy fee with the company that serves as insurance to maintain the conditions of agreement.


A customized payment path for exceptional circumstances – It is possible to create a path that is customized for your individual needs, with full consideration of the financial data provided.

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