Information to relieve anxiety

Understanding that the more information we receive and narrow our uncertainties, we are able to substantially alleviate our residents' level of anxiety. As such, we decided at the onset of the arrival of this mysterious disease, to convene all the residents of Seven Stars for a preliminary meeting. At this time, the head nurse updated the Seven Stars residents and conveyed all relevant information regarding COVID-19, the implications and recommendations and how to avoid contracting it.


Being prepared

As part of coping with the difficulties and challenges that we were faced with at the outbreak of the virus, we appointed a committee to focus on and attend to all operative issues that required immediate and creative solutions. A team was appointed to address the emotional and physical well-being of the residents during this time and to alleviate each resident's distress individually. The CEO of Seven Stars informed the residents that the staff members were maintaining a close connection with the Ministry of Health as well as the supervisor of assisted living facilities in Israel and are operating according to those directives. Concurrently, it was explained to the residents that the company had purchased specialized equipment in case of any future unpredictable scenarios: restocked food supplies, inspected emergency systems, and the staff was informed of how to conduct themselves and what precautions to take outside the facility so as to minimize exposure to the virus.


Calmness and security

The residents of Seven Stars, similar to the elderly worldwide, belong to a high-risk group with regards to contracting the Corona virus, and as such, it is incumbent upon this population to protect themselves even more than other populations. Wearing a mask, maintaining proper hygiene and social distancing are the key to ensuring their safety. Contrary to what is recommended for the elderly who live in a community, social distancing, and in some cases even social isolation, can exacerbate depression and anxiety. The residents were embraced by the staff members, and were safeguarded both socially and physically. The sentiments they have described provide us with a deep sense of satisfaction. It is during these times, that the term "assisted living" is exactly what is intended: providing assistance and security to guarantee a better quality of life.


How to establish a sense of well-being

The strength of an organization or company lies in its ability to be flexible. In the face of this situation, there is a growing unknown; many questions of what is true for today becomes the answers of yesterday. In this reality, it is for the greater good that the head of such an organization has the ability to make decisions, though no less important, knows how to change these decisions at a moment's notice, while conveying control of the situation, stability and trust. Is this a paradox? Yes, and no. At Seven Stars Orna Ben-Nun, together with her managerial staff has succeeded in directing an "ever-changing routine". This routine has been adapted to ever-changing situations.


What is an "ever-changing routine"?

A routine is a reality that is duplicated from an event in the past to future events on a regular basis. In normal times, the daily routine in Seven Stars comprises a variety of activities and services that are offered to all residents and each resident creates his or her own unique routine. When national and global evaluations of events occur a number of times each day, and at the same time we and our residents are updated with ever-changing guidelines, we are faced with quite a challenge. In order to successfully enforce these guidelines, while maintaining a new daily routine that will allow us to continue to conduct a fulfilling life of activity and assuaging a sense of isolation, we have taken a number of measures: 

• The company has budgeted special funds for masks, supplies for disinfection, protective clothing for residents and staff that will enable free mobility in the home.

• The company has trained the staff and ensured that they maintain the guidelines to protect all residents and staff members in public spaces and in the residents' homes in order to continue to provide services and optimal care. 

• The company has provided a take-away alternative to the restaurant, even when restaurants outside the facility were closed to the public.

• All of the public sitting areas have been modified to social distancing of two meters, so that the residents could continue to enjoy meeting with each other and thus prevent loneliness.

• Residents have been connected to a WhatsApp group in which they receive updated information 24 hours a day.

• The digital platform Zoom has been installed in all the residents' smart devices, so as to enable various activities.

• Customer services and online shopping.


And we mustn't forget family members

All along we have been upholding a close connection with the residents' family members. They were notified from the onset of the current events throughout this period, which ensures security and safety as a community in flux and continual change, here at Seven Stars.


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