About The Seven Stars Residence

In an idyllic location, on the tree-lined Hanassi Yitzhak Ben-Zvi Rd. of Herzliya Pituah, we make your dream of luxury living for senior citizens come true. This prestigious residence is constructed at the highest possible standard, with only 104 apartments and expansive public spaces. The design harmoniously combines full privacy with a wide range of enriching cultural activities and leisure among friends.

Service declaration
Of Seven Stars

  • To maintain the dignity of the residents, and protect their independence, safety and privacy

  • To provide individual attention, exhibiting kindness and warmth

  • To be vigilant regarding residents' health, welfare, sense of security, through awareness and sensitivity towards their individual special needs.

  • To ensure the provision of the best service and care for each resident, with the utmost efficiency and alacrity

  • To offer a variety of cultural and enriching activities

  • To create, foster and preserve a pleasant and first-class environment of the highest standard

  • To operate according to the guidelines required by the management

  • To strive towards a fruitful cooperation between the management and the residents

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